Naming Cambridge New Zealand again and again and again

Crossing Karapiro Hydro Dam

We are at the western lights, on the Maungatautari side of Lake Karapiro, waiting for opposing traffic to clear the one lane that tops the hydro dam so we can cross to the Karapiro side and Karapiro Hydro Village. Though this is not the purpose of this photograph. I’ve talked about the concept Township before.  And of course we are launching forth into that disagreeable season of the Big Little Town or is it Little Big Town promotion that Fieldays inflicts upon Cambridge once a year. Grr.

The Waikato Independent where have I heard that name before?

2011 The Waikato Independent an initiative of Wintec (Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC) journalism students within the School of Media Arts based in Hamilton New Zealand. c/w FB

1904-1966 The Waikato Independent established in 1904 in Cambridge New Zealand by David Pirani and celebrated by Cambridge Museum Cambridge New Zealand.

Autumn leaf, Shakespeare Street, Leamington New Zealand

leaf image footpath Shakespeare Street Leamington 3432

Cambridge and Leamington (by association) and the fact it forms half of our town, has had the marketing byline Town of Trees for some time. It works. Yes, there is the addition but lets just stick with this for the moment. Most of the trees lining the streets, on both sides of the river, are exotics and deciduous so at this time of the year we have leaves – lots of leaves. This can be charming for five minutes. Today in blustery weather there are leaves blowing every which way and things have become rather messy and cluttered and, not to put too fine a point on it, rather dirty and dejected looking. Then you get this – the impression of a fallen leaf stained into the footpath here on Shakespeare Street, just south of the shops. It has the look of a prehistoric rock painting.

9AM Wednesday 11/5/2011

Feijoas and the mower man, kitchen arrangements and a quick trip to meet the ‘PD boys’. Work on Abbie’s new OC. The book is called May 2011 because it is being made in May 2011; the first Blurb book I have made although I have tried. The book is courtesy a collaborative marketing exercise by Blurb and Zenfolio. The photos were taken between May 2010 and May 2011. Not sure how many pages I’m allowed – forum hunting hasn’t helped. To the value of $35US or so? No, around $30US.

Kites on the Polo grounds Lamb Street Leamington

2011 Cambridge Family Kite Day

A sunny, Saturday, autumn afternoon in Leamington – and kites. The wind is a little patchy – but there is plenty to watch. From the big and bold to the subtle – the almost not there, the slick to the aerodynamically challenged. The 2011 Kite Days have been the initiative of the Waipa District Council folk – the ones in the blue tshirts. I particularly like this idea and the other almost lighter than air string affair featured in the day gallery.