Pukekura Park, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Pukekura, New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

I went to look at the Pukekura Park lights on my own this evening, Boxing Day, the 26th of December 2010. This had the distinct advantage of my being able to move quickly through the large mass of folk present. Not too much new but enjoyable for a whole host of visual reasons. I was though taken with the ultra violet light display shown here in a short video and a photo. Very nicely done.

This post is dedicated to Kelly & Joel (..and rest of the family) xox 31/12/2010

Welcome Cambridge New Zealand the website: CambridgeNZeD.co.nz

It is an idea that has taken some time to gel. And it’s been a whirlwind startup. One both necessary and timely. The project was conceived of as an experiment on 1/12/2010 and run as a Twitter account for 11 days. Now we have the website – the FB page will appear in the next couple of days. There is much work (in the short term) to do to get it where we want it positioned – if you want to help you know where to find us. This is an important move for me. It will ultimately free me to work on other projects which require my attention. This is a cooperative community project and one we know will become a must have online resource for Cambridge New Zealand. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere and will continue to blog here on my own site – but I have also become part of the team that will share the dynamic, up to date and varied presence for our place – Cambridge New Zealand on the net.

Edited 703AM 22/12/2010

Cambridge Community Marae – join us on Christmas Day

Join us on Christmas Day at Cambridge Community Marae

Alone on Christmas Day? Want Company? Cambridge Community Marae is hosting a Family Christmas Lunch ALL WELCOME! Arrive at 12PM on the corner of Bracken and Pope Terrace Leamington Come and join us for a feast of fun, food and fellowship Contact Vinnie Simmonds 7 827 1085, 27 462 4437, Sophie Tipene 7 827 3795, Kiri Grey 7 827 5546 BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL! PLEASE RSVP by Monday the 20th of December :: contributions welcomebring your own non-alcoholic drinks

Cambridge Heritage December 2010

Cambridge Heritage December 2010
Also in our mailbox; Cambridge Heritage the monthly newsletter of Cambridge Historical Society Inc. In this issue a report on the 2010 AGM; Michael Coles’ 12/11/2010 President’s report, Monavale Homestead celebrations, La Joie market, The Norm Suckling rowing display and more. Membership of Cambridge Histoprical Society Inc is a whole $15.00 a year; you get to support the valuable work of the society and our Museum and you get the newsletter. You might even find the time to volunteer some of your time!

Cambridge Historical Society Inc. | Cambridge Museum, Old Courthouse, 24 Victoria Street, Cambridge 3434, New Zealand. cambridge-museum@xtra.co.nz | cambridgemuseum.org.nz

Talking of mailboxes; Shakespeare Street, Leamington, NZ

Misplaced letterbox 59, Shakespeare Street, Leamington 3432, NZ 4/12/2010

It’s just a pity some folk find it necessary to disrupt the lives and peace of mind of their neighbours. OK, so in posting this I run the risk that someone will get a thrill because their handiwork has been noted and is on the Internet. Equally, I would hope a quiet word from one in the know along the lines that one’s free time might be more valuably spent could be a good outcome. It’s the small things.

Cambridge New Zealand Community Directory 2011

Cambridge Community Directory 2011

In the mailbox this morning. So, I guess this is launch day for the new online version. Now, I’m wondering – well, I have been for some time – the ability to login and store numbers? Facebook et al. capture? OK, social networking interactivity (the site looks naked without any share buttons) and something I know even less about – the capture of numbers to your mobile address book – is this built in or is there an app? – am I talking through a hole in my head? And while I’m imagining a bright shiny new future how about wifi for the CBD – unrelated but related – just saying. Oh and also unrelated but related how about this then?

Abbie Jury: Ficus antiarus, rare plants

Ficus antiarus, rare plants and why only one plant in our garden is clearly named

It is Ficus antiarus and it is the most asked about plant in our garden. We used to propagate a few but we realised that while everybody wanted to know what it was, nobody wanted to buy it.

Abbie’s column: AbbieJury.co.nz 3/12/2010

Food from Northern Laos: The Boat Landing Cookbook

Robyn Eckhardt’s review of Dorothy Culloty‘s book Food from Northern Laos: The Boat Landing Cookbook.

If the cuisine of Laos is little known outside the country, then the cooking of Luang Namtha, its northernmost region, is all but invisible. That may change if the slim, richly illustrated “Food From Northern Laos: The Boat Landing Cookbook,” (Galangal Press, 2010) by New Zealanders Kees Sprengers and Dorothy Culloty gets the attention it deserves.

Food from Northern Laos: The Boat Landing Cookbook Food from Northern Laos: The Boat Landing Cookbook

Copyright © 2010 Galangal Press Ltd Waikato, NEW ZEALAND, & Chonburi, THAILAND. Publisher: Galangal Press ISBN 978-0-473-17236-7, 200 pages, full colour – more than 400 photos, crown quarto signature paperback.

Social media #CambridgeNZ, #WRCH2010, #rowing, #WaipaDistrict

The two high profile social media channels Facebook and Twitter figure somewhat randomly in the life of Cambridge New Zealand and Waipa District Council; our local regional government. No doubt the residents of our area are as attached to the former as those of any locale on the planet – each with their own intersecting circles of friends. Our presence on Twitter, on the other hand, appears underwhelming to put it mildly. In terms of marketing, well, there are some hits and some misses. And, I’m pretty sure no one local is using Foursquare.

Here is a random selection of Facebook pages, related to us, in no particular order: Cambridge Club (42 likes| most recent activity 6/10/2010), The Deli On The Corner (156| 22/9/2010), We Love Cambridge (715| 10 hours), Cambridge Polo Club (99| 29/12/2009), Cambridge Chamber of Commerce (41| 4/11/2010), Waipa Home of Champions (279| 3 hours), Paul Bevan Musician (157| 30/11/2010), Cambridge Bodyart (570| 4 hours), Cambridge, New Zealand (851|  n/a),  Colin Brown (172| 12 hours). Tell me I’m missing something here! Continue reading