KWTJubilee final signing off

Signing the final minutes - KWTJubilee meeting #22

KWTJubilee chair Kevin Roigard signs off Deb Robinson‘s minutes of the Karapiro, Whitehall, Taotaoroa & Karapiro Hydro Schools 125th Jubilee committee’s 22nd, and final, meeting. Those of us involved in the 20 month long project to plan for, and stage, the 24 – 26 September 2010 event met this evening, Monday, the 29th of November 2010 for a celebratory final meeting at Karapiro School. It has all been a great deal of fun. For more – Karapiro School.

Finding stuff on the Internet & c/w c/w

I’ve worked steadily for the past two years to build a relationship with Google, so the indexing of the Monavale Homestead article post posted this morning came back within 30 seconds. This is as much to do with the absolute uniqueness of the subject matter as it is in the way I have treated it. Out there we have struggling  for relevance – yes, I do use the white pagesNZ Post is up to something (I’m not sure quite what) and I do use this. is already cool – but this thing is completely lost on me. Finding stuff on the Internet using Google (the default search engine by a county mile) is easy if said material is unique and correctly presented.

Finally published 16/12/2010

Park House fire Cambridge, New Zealand | Jason Tregurtha

Park House Cambridge New Zealand

Sad. Park House, on Queen Street opposite Victoria Square (beside the Shell service station on the SH1 Victoria Street & Queen Street roundabout Cambridge, New Zealand), built in 1928, and originally a private hotel, was destroyed by fire this afternoon. Guest photographer: Jason Tregurtha. Here are some recent photographs of this beautiful 625 square metre home – also taken by Jason.

Monavale Homestead 100 Year Fair, Cambridge, New Zealand.

Monavale Homestead

There is much that resonates here. For me it is all to do with growing up in a place not far from here – 15 km distant (9 miles, or so, in old speak). In many ways it is the place I grew up (no, not the flash house – definitely not – but the atmosphere; busy, rural, peaceful – comforting and comfortable. I felt it during the World Rowing Championships (OK, so this was something of a stretch but, none the less, still there) and the KWTJubilee celebrations. Gatherings on grass! Cars parked in rows on pasture – paddocks to us – folk relaxing and enjoying their families. Sights, sounds and smells.

The Monavale Homestead 100 Year Fair is an innocent affair in keeping with the ethos of the current owners and befitting of the subject at hand. I’m bemused by young North American voices attempting to explain cricket (among other things) to one another – in voices that carry somewhat when you are unused to hearing them :) – many of those who live in this faith community, do so during a ‘gap year’ – I know there is more to it than this but there did seem a fair number in their late teens / early 20s.

The history – well, to be honest – I didn’t read much of it (I am fairly familiar) being more interested in the here and now – which I photographed – as I do. Not sure I’ve been hugely successful – there are some gems and some misses along with the usual ho hums – made over a 90 minute period – some interactions with people and some not (thanks to those who indulged me when asked). I do hope the images are enjoyed.

Should I explain? Oh, OK! The recurring motif is, of course, the birthday house – which appears in just under 60% of these images – close up, as interiors or merely as a hint. This is intentional – the discipline being to place the building within an image that is pleasing – as I say; some work some don’t – I would problably have edited the number back from 100 to about 50 if I was being really staunch – but as folk saw me photographing and will be looking for themselves and family, 100 it is (the original capture or ‘acquisition’ as they say was 375 – with many repeats of slight variation). acquisition:20/11/2010, first edit:21/11/2010, second edit:26/11/2010 – still not happy but we will go with this finally published 11:43 26/11/2010.

Michael Jeans Day Gallery for today

What’s on Cambridge New Zealand Monavale Homestead 100 Year Fair

Monavale Homestead 100 Year Fair

This Saturday

20 November 2010

10am – 4pm


3553 Cambridge Road, Monavale

(Cambridge Te Awamutu road)

Monavale Homestead 100 Year Fair this Saturday 20 November 2010 10am – 4pm 100 Year Fair at 3553 Cambridge Road, Monavale, Cambridge, New Zealand (Cambridge Te Awamutu road).

What’s on Cambridge New Zealand Monavale Homestead 100th birthday

Saturday 13th November 2010 - Sunday 21st November 2010

Construction of Monavale Homestead, home these days to Capernwray New Zealand, was completed in 1910 and in this year, 2010, 100th birthday celebrations are being held from Saturday the 13th of November 2010 through to Sunday 21st November 2010. You can find out the history of this lovely building and plans for the centenary celebrations here.

“To mark this milestone, a series of events and activities is currently being planned for the week of Saturday 13th – Sunday 21st November. Within the celebration week two public events have been scheduled for Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st.”

100th Year Celebration – Monavale Homestead

This post was first published 9 September 2010.

What’s on Cambridge NZ Te Arawua (The Trench) Gaslight Theatre

Te Arawua (The Trench), Gaslight Theatre, Cambridge

Travel back in time to France, as four unlikely comrades find themselves holed up in no man’s land in a quest to survive the ravages of World War One. Language barriers are the least of their worries in Jarod Rawiri’s directorial debut of the NZ premiere of Te Arawua (The Trench).

Tomorrow evening Saturday the 13th of November 2010 at 7:30pm and again on Sunday evening the 14th of November 2010 at 7:30pm Gaslight Theatre Cambridge, New Zealand. Actually it would appear there are more performances than this during the weekend. Check out the Facebook event listing and or Wright’s Bookshop +64 7 827 4360 for tickets and times. Twitter and WordPress looping

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WRCH2010 Day 8 Sunday 7 November 2010 11:04am

Park & Ride shuttle buses, Maungatautari Road, Karapiro, New Zealand

Park & Ride shuttle buses, Maungatautari Road, Karapiro, New Zealand WRCH2010 Day 8 Sunday 7 November 2010 11:04am.