WRCH2010 Day 1 Sunday 31st October 2010 press release 14:23

DAY 1: SUNDAY 31 October 2010




FISA officials have announced that due to the strong winds there will be no further racing today (Sunday).

The Organising Committee immediately announced that all Sunday ticket holders will have free entry on Monday.

The schedule for Monday will be announced later today.

– WRCH2010
Press release: 2010 World Rowing Championships

WRCH2010 Day 1 Sunday 31st October 2010 press release

DAY 1: SUNDAY 31 October 2010


Racing on the opening day of the 2010 World Rowing Championships has been delayed.

Racing started, as scheduled, at 10.05am with the heats of the lightweight men’s pairs but after the start of the sixth race, international rowing federation officials took the decision to suspend racing as the increasing wind made conditions unrowable.

Racing is scheduled to restart at 4.00pm. FISA officials will meet at 3.00pm to review the wind conditions and confirm the 4.00pm start.

The rescheduled programme will begin with the first heat of the lightweight men’s double sculls.

The Mighty River Domain will remain open all day and the off the water entertainment planned for after racing will now be brought forward to entertain spectators during the delay.

The first race of the 2010 World Rowing Championships was won by the host nation’s Graham Oberlin-Brown and James Lassche, who qualified direct for Friday’s medal final.

– WRCH2010
Press release: 2010 World Rowing Championships

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The broken links scattered back through this past month’s entries is entirely my fault. I deleted an entire server folder last night. A new experience and not something I’m rushing to repeat.  Normal viewing will return gradually during the day. Also; while here – please note – my image server will be down or intermittent between Friday the 5th November 17:00 and Saturday the 6th November 01:00 NZDT for regular maintenance.

WRCH2010 Park & Ride Blue P1 Lamb Street Leamington NZ

WRCH2010 Park & Ride Blue Lamb Street Leamington

Karapiro Crew volunteers ease into what will be a well oiled park and ride facility five minutes walk from my house here in Leamington, this morning, Saturday the 30th of October 2010. Already in operation at 7:40am this morning the system will kick in fully for the first time later today for those coming to this afternoon’s opening ceremony at 2pm.

WRCH2010 boat park off water pontoons Lake Karapiro

Looking southeast towards Maungatautari from WRCH2010 boat park Lake Karapiro

In the foreground the Lake Karapiro WRCH2010 boat park off water pontoons. Beyond the Don Rowlands Centre and the glass of the finish tower against the grandstand – apparently the largest temporary stand to be built in New Zealand – and yes it is huge. Beyond that the shell of the concert stage where Ophop will perform tomorrow afternoon – after the opening ceremony. And beyond again, above the trees, the northern slopes of Maungatautari.

michaeljeans.co.nz | michaeljeans.com following the stats.

Screen grab 2010-10-28-2357

One of the things one does, when blogging, is to watch the incoming stats. This does become a bit of an obsession. I use the inbuilt WordPress.COM stats which shows page views, made public as above, set when I moved to this platform in September 2008. Also public is Sitemeter (which shows both unique visitor numbers and page views along with a whole bunch of other stuff) going back 12 months and the fun FEEDJIT Live which displays visitors in real time along with the page/post they landed on. In terms of staying on top of my game the visitor search terms revealed in the WP.COM stats influence my use of tags and categories and to some extent the titles I use for new posts and the SEO friendly excerpts that compliment them. Lastly we have this which is a list of NZ based blogs (those with public stats.) that can, at the best of times, be a bit flaky – which, at the time of writing 1102 3/11/2010, is showing no data. If you look here the monthly aggregation of this data has me at 61 out of about 230. I first appear on this list in May 2010; 63rd of 163 then June 2010; 46/186, July 2010; 68/198, August 2010; 74/214, September 2010; 69/227 and again October at 61/226. All this suggests that folk are visiting specific subject posts – those indexed by Google (c/w michaeljeans.com) – and that I have a modest daily following. Nice!

*michaeljeans.co.nz 2010-11-03-1122 About 5,900 results (0.13 seconds)
**michaeljeans.com 2010-11-03-1122 About 3,320 results (0.12 seconds)

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – The Boatshed Café

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

The Boatshed Café

The Boatshed Café relaunched under new ownership today. Richard and Robyn Clark have split their ten year old business to concentrate on Boatshed Kayaks with Katie Shick coming in as the new owner of  The Boatshed Café. (sorry folks! I may have left out a couple of steps here – but the point being The Boatshed Café & Kayaks is now two businesses). The Boatshed Café overlooking Lake Karapiro from the western shore is a gem that sits opposite the 500-600 metre mark of the 2000 metre Karapiro rowing course – the start line is clearly visible from the property. In the photograph we have from the left; Abiy, Katharina, Sheryl and Katie (Hydro Majestic & Ruby’s Cafe). Cool!

21 Amber Lane, Karapiro, Cambridge 3494, New Zealand +64 7 827 8286. Take SHI south of Cambridge – past the turn off to Karapiro Hydro Village & Mobil Karapiro, right into Gorton Road, left into Amber Lane – you’ll find it!

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – Karapiro School crew #2

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Room 1 Karapiro School Jacob, Joseph, Rebecca and Cameron
Four senior Karapiro School students; Jacob, Joseph, Rebecca and Cameron pose for a photo this afternoon, Wednesday, the 27th of October 2010 with Room 1‘s excellent WRCH2010 project. Not only showing support for the countries they are following – the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany and Australia – the clocks on the right show the time zones of each country (I do wonder, though, why the Australian clock has stopped!) – but a teaching moment, as well, exploring team work, with nifty references to rowing through the concepts friendliness, honestycommitment, responsibility, excellence and confidence. Most impressive.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – Lake Karapiro

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

From the upper deck of the Don Rowlands Centre Lake Karapiro

We are looking out over Lake Karapiro from the top level of the Don Rowlands Events Centre with the finish line for WRCH2010 just a tad to the right out of shot* (the new finish tower is about 15-20 metres off my right shoulder). This photograph was made on Saturday the 3rd of July 2010 the day Waipa District Council invited us out to have a look around our flash new events centre. With three sleeps to go until the 2010 World Rowing Championships this is the view greeting the organising staff if they pause for a moment to take in the view. That’s my dad Bruce Jeans on the right chatting with Waipa District councillor Grahame Webber (Maungatautari Ward Representative)**. The calm before …

*On second thoughts part of it most probably is in shot!

** And new Deputy Mayor of Waipa District! (update 10:25 27/10/2010)

Edited 13:28 28/10/2010

Submerged Histories | Waipa District Te Awamutu Museum

Submerged Histories | Te Awamutu Museum

Submerged Histories: stories underlying Lake Karapiro

In 1947, layers of history disappeared beneath the water’s surface of the newly formed Lake Karapiro. Life changed radically for the people whose lives were defined by the waterway.

See this fascinating exhibition of historical photographs lovingly preserved by those who worked and lived along the stretch of the Waikato River now known as Lake Karapiro.

30 October 2010 – 24 January 2011

Te Awamutu Museum 135 Roche Street, Te Awamutu, New Zealand P: 64 (7) 872 0085 E: museum@waipadc.govt.nz

Michael Jeans +64 27 496 3802 michael@michaeljeans.co.nz michaeljeans.co.nz

Michael Jeans +64 27 496 3802 michael@michaeljeans.co.nz michaeljeans.co.nz

I was born in Cambridge and grew up at Whitehall. Went to Whitehall School, Cambridge High, Massey and Waikato Universities. I live in Leamington – the southern half of Cambridge – on the western banks of the Waikato River. I have been making photographs for four and a half decades for enjoyment and livelihood. I have blogged since 2004. I make and maintain a handful of websites for others.

My online presence MichaelJeans.co.nz began life in 1998 – showcasing my photography. Latterly it has evolved into a journal (something I have kept much of my life alongside the photographs – and some video – of people and places made along the way). My weblog is currently complete from July 2008. Archive material is added as time allows. My website has a significant though not exclusive Cambridge New Zealand focus.

Published: 27/11/2010

What’s on Cambridge New Zealand – Le Joie French style market

Le Joie French Style Market Cambridge New Zealand

Le Joie French Style Market, Corner Empire & Alpha Streets Cambridge, New Zealand. Rebecca Lee Market Manager 027 263 5253 or rebecca@metromedianz.co.nz. Saturdays30th October, 6th November, 13th November, 20th November, 27th November, 4th December, 11th December, 18th December 2010.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – WRCH2010 Park & Ride Blue

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Corner Lamb and Carlyle Streets Leamington
A delightful contrast in building styles. The portacom? arrived in the past few of days and will no doubt service Park & Ride Blue (northern and western traffic) for the 2010 Rowing World Championshipswhich I take to be the paddock to our right. Silage has been harvested and the big green bales removed this morning – a very productive form of grooming. Beyond – the ubiquitous Rosswood Contour Barn – we have always referred to them simply as Rosswood hay barns – manufactured right here in the heart of Leamington. Beyond the former Leamington Dairy Factory (c.1910 – I might have this date slightly wrong). We are on the Cambridge greenbelt on the corner of  Lamb Street, Rotoorangi Road and Carlyle Street in Leamington, New Zealand.

ALL northern traffic from Auckland, Hamilton and the western areas is expected to use this facility. Traffic coming from the north on State Highway 1 will be diverted down State Highway 1B at Taupiri and will then proceed towards Tamahere to Mystery Creek Road. Here, Auckland vehicles will meet Hamilton traffic which will be advised to use State Highway 3. The routes will converge and proceed down Kaipaki Road to the parking area.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – Peter Lange

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Peter Lange on Cambridge Town Hall piazza

Peter Lange‘s Brick Boat and Holidays in Huntly on the Cambridge Town Hall piazza, today, Saturday the 23rd of October 2010. Looking up at the town hall from the little roundabout this evening, while on another mission, I could see the brick caravan and spotted the corrugated iron sail through the trees thinking I was seeing a Jeff Thompson I was unfamiliar with. On closer inspection no – so much for my art radar.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – Cambridge Melbourne Cup Day

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Gracie Taylor The face of Cambridge Melbourne Cup

Cambridge Melbourne Cup Day


Watch world-class rowing in the morning and horse-racing from 11am culminating in the running of the 150th Melbourne Cup live from Flemington at 5pm!


To purchase tickets phone: 0800 TICKETEK (0800 842 538). For more information please contact the promoters: 0508 HQMEDIA (0508 476 334).

Please note there is no private parking at the venue.  Access is via Park-n-Ride.  For more information visit the firsttuesday site or world rowing site.

Cambridge Melbourne Cup Day

Hobbits, Hobbiton, industrial politics and twitter chatter

Hobbits, Hobbiton and Wellington New Zealand
Hobbiton, the film/movie set, is at the very edge of the Cambridge economic and social catchment. Tucked into rolling farmland between Cambridge and Matamata on the Buckland Road – to the east of here – it is now a significant tourist attraction. Hobbiton’s presence has added value to the local economy – which is great. That the fictional Shire is located among those hills in which I grew up has always seemed entirely appropriate to me. This is, of course, sentimental nonsense but does reflect some of the magic I felt about my surroundings when growing up, and still do. I have yet to grasp what is actually happening in the stoush currently surrounding The Hobbit – but here’s hoping this special place does not lose it’s place both in the imagination and the real world.

Overnight (20/10/2010) Twitter chatter for Wellington, New Zealand via Russell Brown.

Russell et el; Hard News: Anatomy of a Shambles