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The galleries on my server are filed by date in a tree structure similar to that found on your computer. If you know the month and date – click away. The server (michaeljeans.com) search function is somewhat compromised by laziness on my part – something I am trying to rectify as I go and things will improve with time. Another way to find an event is to return to my home page (michaeljeans.co.nz) and use the search function down here on the right which should return a result. Armed with the date of the posting you can return to the Day galleries and dig down to that day. Failing that go to my contact page and email me.

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Bambino’s Cafe Cambridge NZ

Bambino’s Cafe Cambridge NZ

Not an eatery I have reason to visit – but a nice idea all the same. The scale of much of it is child sized. It has closed. I am not sure of the circumstances – the window notice indicates the business is for sale. BTW Cambridge4kids – is a useful website for child orientated businesses, services and activities hereabouts – run by Cambridge Plunket.

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Colonial Heritage Antiques Cambridge NZ

Colonial Heritage Antiques

This comfortable and enduring window display has marked the Colonial Heritage Antiques corner of Duke and Empire Streets in Cambridge NZ CBD forever. Ever changing and continually fascinating -books of Aotearoa New Zealand – not surprisingly – more often than not feature as focal point for the display.

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Telecom XT Mobile Network

Someone with the anonymous telephone number 0000 rings on Friday offering to upgrade me from Telecom’s 027 CDMA to the new XT Mobile Network. The offer includes a Telecom branded handset – perhaps this one – I am not that sure. I’m not really in the market yet – I have to get my head around the advantages of the move (or more particularly which handset best suits) – but in the spirit of the moment I ask that details of the offer be emailed to me – a reasonable request I feel. Turns out I am being called from an outsourced call centre – emailing is not on the menu – I persist and my address is taken. Friday evening I mention this a couple of times and am told by one XT subscriber who travels the mid North Island that the network does not have the coverage of 027. Saturday morning I receive a second call – this time from ID Restricted – same patter – I repeat my request – an email will arrive in 10 minutes. I’m still waiting.

Update 10/6/2010: Same thing, same patter – same outfit – I think – I don’t mention outages, Scotsmen on fishing expeditions or my current satisfaction with the familiar (the 027 network) for my current needs – same request (I express mild interest) – same lack of follow up – so we are back to square one – did I mention that I have been a Telecom mobile customer since 1991roughly – close to two decades?

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What’s on? – Waipa District

Has this event received any publicity? It’s got a flash website.

Swim Karapiro

There are swim distances available for all levels of ability/age/fitness so join in and have a great day at Lake Karapiro. There will be plenty of “ordinary” people doing the event while at the long distance competitive end of the spectrum there will be some outstanding swimmers competing.

Among other things on this weekend: Gala night Cambridge Repertory Society The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of Macbeth, Cambridge Christmas Festival, Te Awamutu Christmas Parade and Festivities. Carols by Candlelight at Monavale Homestead tonight and tomorrow night. And I have it on good authority Santa will be about Cambridge CBD this evening.

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Blogging Cambridge NZ

Visitors. Gardeners, sellers of art – though mention of Main Street and Victoria Park suggests zero local knowledge. Wings over Cambridge and it’s associated forums. This seems popularself promotion. Oh and this chap – I guess I mention his name from time to time is following me on Twitter. That was him this is me. Our local wedding video empire – with an oh so cute Maungakawa road trip – short but sweet. And last but not least this – though I think we are merely the random location in someone else’s masterpiece.

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Shakespeare Street surface failure ctd.

Melted tar Shakespeare Street NZ

Melted tar Shakespeare Street NZ

It’s at its worst between Moore and Arnold right outside Cee Jaes Dairy (which incidentally just happens to have it’s very own Bebo fan page). The tar left exposed by the May 2009 failure of the then recently applied road surface has melted big time (28 – 30C air temp). It is very messy!

Update 1600 10 December 2009: From WDC: ‘our contractor has scheduled remedial work on this site for tomorrow

This may be useful.

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Santa Photos 2009 Cambridge NZ

Santa Photos Cambridge NZ

Friday late nights ’till 8PM, on the 4th, 11th and 18th of December at Wright’s Bookshop Victoria Street. But wait there’s more – Santa will also be at the Town Hall immediately after the parade on Saturday the 5th for photos ’till 4PM.

Check out the proofs online at Hot Shots To Go or pop into 62 Duke Street, Cambridge.

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Marketing Cambridge NZ badly

Not sure where this literary gem escaped from but have seen it off and on recently. I assume it is harvested by links spammers and regurgitated to increase visitor numbers for said spammer(s) – but not the Cambridge New Zealand hosts, vendors and service providers.

Cambridge is a slightly smaller township in the New Zealand’s Waikato region of the North Island, located 24 kilometres southeast of Hamilton, on the Waikato River. Cambridge is known as “The Town of Trees” and the town is now also renowned for its thoroughbred horse stables, many which have produced champion horses in international racing and showjumping competitions.

Google found me ninety-five references using the same text. And what about this confusion?

While visiting Waikato or Cambridge, NZ there are many holiday attractions to experience. Other items of interest within Cambridge, New Zealand, include the New Zealand Horse Magic show, farm tours, or browsing art, craft and antique shops. See New Zealand’s largest collection of dolls, toys and teddy bears at The Castle or the Kiwi House and aviary in Otorohanga, a location where the kiwi is bred in captivity.

Besides the lost in translation style, the original source appears just a little suss as well.

Source: Google Alerts

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