Heavenly Pop Hits – The Flying Nun Story

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Since NZ On Screen first went live we’ve had requests from people wanting to embed the videos we have on site. It’s not quite as simple as just making it available as an option, because everything we put online has to be cleared with copyright holders first. Our initial licence agreements were for putting material on NZ On Screen only. However now we have developed a gorgeous embed player, which includes the ability to see the different clips for each title, as well as the synopsis and some of the credits. When the copyright holder says yes, the “embed this” option will appear under the player. There are a few titles now that are ready to embed – more will be added as we revise existing agreements or make new ones.

NZ On Screen Hat tip: Russell Brown

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Maunga Cycle Challenge

Not a sport video or an art work – rather an exercise in editing using Windows Movie Maker. The timing begins with the first riders and notes the time lapse – approximately – of those following. The race, the Maunga Cycle Challenge, captured with the Canon G10 as it passes through the intersection of Lamb Street and Carlyle StreetRoto-o-Rangi Road on the boundary of Leamington and Pukekura. The Maunga Cycle Challenge started and finished in Te Awamutu.

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Cambridge Museum

Waiting for the official bit

Waiting in the front garden of Cambridge Museum at 24 Victoria Street for the ‘official opening’ of the museum’s new exhibitions layout. Today signifies a milestone in the transition begun in June 2008 of the transfer of management of the museum from the Cambridge Historical Society (who retain ownership of the collection) to our local body authority the Waipa District Council. Today’s celebration acknowledges also the centenary of the opening, in 1909, of the museum’s home since 1984 the Cambridge Courthouse.

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Cambridge Town Hall centenary

Cambridge Town Hall

When I was young this doorway was the entrance to the Cambridge Public Library. It is now the Victoria Street entrance to the Cambridge Information Centre. We are on the north western corner of the Cambridge Town Hall (Victoria and Queen (SH1) Streets) which tomorrow celebrates it’s centenary with a ribbon cutting at 3PM and a concert at 7.

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Sample Rooms Lake Street Cambridge NZ

Sample Rooms Lake Street Cambridge NZ

And the Samples (sic) Rooms beside the hotel are not for sampling the brew but were used by travelling salesmen to display samples of their wares.

Cambridge Museum #27

New to me. The Lake Street Sample Rooms has become a rather flash hair salon – right next door to the rather flash frock shop Justify (a must see when in Cambridge – I am reliably informed by those in the know). The POV has the Jubilee Gardens and Cenotaph directly behind me and the town hall (more on this soon) over my left shoulder. The car (c.1993) is mine – just seemed to suit the image. And on a slightly related subject – travelling – I have begun plotting the location of my photos – manually – with the freshly minted WordPress.com geopositioning gizmo using Google maps. So early an adoptor of such that I have yet to find an application that shows me the result. I cannot figure out how to access the info with either Chrome or FireFox (the FireFox instructions are as geeky as) – and I don’t have a 3G phone – perhaps you’ll have more luck.

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World famous in Cambridge NZ

Yes, it’s those blokes with the ‘elevated’ ride-on mower.

I mean, the manual for the ride-on lawnmower did not specifically state that you couldn’t raise it up with a crane to trim the top of a very large hedge, so that’s just what two lunatics from Cambridge New Zealand did.

gizmodo.com gizmodo au

Update: The original story

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Cambridge Primary School

Cambridge Primary School

The area around Cambridge Primary School – the corner of Wilson & Duke Streets and Hally’s Lane on the south-western edge of Cambridge CBD – is architecturally interesting with the refurbished school and new Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade building complimenting one another and the two Simply Divine buildings on the northern side of Duke Street. Simply Divine Furniture inhabits the former Salvation Army church while beside it Simply Divine Bathroom & Bedroom, on the corner of Hally’s Lane, was purpose-built in the past couple of years. The photograph above shows Cambridge Primary’s hall from Wilson Street – the day gallery (Thursday 12/11/2009) with more photos of the area is here.

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Tracking visitors


We are trying to work out what Google is up to. I’m trying to understand page ranking as distinct from page indexing. It’s a bit of a mystery. The past fifteen months has seen a steady climb in daily visitor numbers here and to another site for which I am responsible. A few days ago the other site hit a blip – a sudden dive in visitor numbers. A quick look around confirms that while Google continues to index the other site (2000+ for Google and 1000+ with Yahoo – similar numbers to mine) page rankings enjoyed over the past six months have all but disappeared. We have a number of theories and intend to workshop the issue with an SEO expert tomorrow morning. I monitor both sites with the page view info that comes with WordPress.com and with Site Meter. Today I embedded FEEDJIT Live which tracks current visitors, into my sidebar. If you click the image above you can watch it in action. All of which tells me all I really need to know about visitors but little about how to maintain and indeed increase visitor numbers. Both sites are updated regularly (at least four times a week) and feature almost exclusively, original material. As always there is much to learn.

Update: Google is currently showing about 330 indexed pages from michaeljeans.co.nz ??Yahoo remains at 1500+.

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Golf course hill Karapiro – Cambridge NZ

Mitchell family photo

Again from the Mitchell family, taken most probably by my Uncle Ted Mitchell. Has anyone any ideas about this event? The scan is taken from a 35 mm negative sized proof print. We are looking out across Cambridge Golf Course towards Cambridge. There appear to be five or six vehicles parked on the golf course hill on what is now SH1 / Tirau Road immediately east of Cambridge with a group of people standing in the mid foreground. A slip? a breakdown or accident? whatever it is appears to be receiving a lot of attention. There is a larger version here.

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Armistice in Cambridge NZ

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Military vehicle street parade, Victoria Street, Cambridge New Zealand. 08/11/2009. Part of the annual Armistice in Cambridge event. Video capture Canon G10 (Quick Time Movie), converted to MPEG with Pazera Free MOV to AVI Converter 1.2. Titles – Windows Movie Maker with output to WMV (Windows Media Video). Uploaded to Vimeo.com, embedded at VodPod.com and pushed to WordPress.com – default codec settings.

Updateed 11:07 18/11/2009: Another perspective on this weekend here with photos here.

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Housekeeping stuff

I’m a little snowed under  – work on a number of projects going back to early October is happening – apologies if your gallery is slow in appearing. I am also thinking through how to make it easier to find galleries. Current work is stored in Day Galleries here. Following this link will take you to the By Date page. I’m considering restructuring and renaming this so finding a dated gallery is more intuitive. If you dig down you will find specific days. If you cannot find something email me and I will help. Ordering prints or files remains a manual affair – the automated sales system lurking in the machine is on my list of things to do but does require a bit more setup time than I have available just now. BTW if you are happy typing URLs Day Galleries addresses take the form:


Cambridge Cruise Night

Cambridge Cruise Night - First Wednesday of the month

There are more photos in the Day Gallery for Wednesday the 4th of November 2009. Cambridge Cruise Night6PM first Wednesday of each month. BTW you might like to have a closer look at  BMX National Champion and Olympian Marc Willer‘s entry in Performance Car of the Year (image #3 in the Day Gallery) and support him with your vote.

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