Eisenstaedt & Hemingway

In 1952, LIFE sent legendary photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt to Cuba to shoot author Ernest Hemingway. The magazine needed photos to run alongside a new novella that would run in LIFE before it was published in book format. That book was “The Old Man and the Sea,” and the issue of LIFE where it was first printed went on to sell 5.3 million copies in two days.

G11 v G10

I’m sticking with the G10. If you’re looking for HD video in a compact you need to look elsewhere. Along with the Olympus OM1, the μ[mju:]-II (Stylus), perhaps the Nikon F70/F90 series and most certainly the Sony F828 a piece of equipment -a camera – to enjoy. Here are some thoughts in the G10 / G11 debate. Bill Lockheart has his say and of course we have dpreview.

The Leamington shops

Celebrating our flash new Leamington CBD / village / shops / main street – Shakespeare Street – with photographs, is a tad underwhelming – you really have to be here / there. And you can when the ‘opening do’ happens on Friday the 2nd of October 2009 (I think I have this right). I see Waipa District Council refers to our shops as Leamington Village – that’s with a big V not Leamington village little v – which might be preferable and ever so slightly more accurate. Using the term village does not annoy me as much as some mis namings but anyone enticed to visit Leamington based on the name is going to be rather disappointed. Not that we don’t have a handful of excellent specialty shops – we do – but a village it ain’t. In marketing terms it sounds twee and distracting for the traveller looking for an authentic Cambridge Leamington experience. Leamington Shops is good it’s what most of us call ‘it’ and local knowledge and convention must count for something. Leamington Cambridge history is unique and worthy of mining for a more suitable description – if indeed one is deemed necessary.

e-DAY 2009 being there

e-DAY 2009 being there – Habitat for Humanity ReStore at 29 Bryant Road, Te Rapa, Hamilton.
It was raining heavily when I arrived at Habitat for Humanity ReStore at 29 Bryant Road, Te Rapa, Hamilton to dispose of the old computer gear. All superbly organised and executed if a little somber – I was in and out in five minutes. Admittedly, after nearly five hours – the time stamp on this file says 13:44 – the excitement of recycling may have begun to pall somewhat – and yes it was raining. Cheers to the lovely lady directing traffic at the turn and singing in the rain. My gripe remains – the pre event publicity slipped through my net and I had been looking out for it – compounded by Waipa District plumping for the previous weekend – why? Others, variously wired, spoken to subsequently were unaware of the event. I guess I should have signed up at http://www.eday.org.nz/about-eday/sign-up-for-eday-updates.html. BTW this was my third eDay.

The Obama presidency and health care

A masterful speech, somehow a blend of governance and also campaigning. But above all, it is a reprise of the core reason for his candidacy and presidency: to get past the abstractions of ideology and the easy scorn of the cable circus and the cynicism that has thereby infected this country’s ability to tackle pressing problems. This was why he was elected, and we should not be swayed by the old Washington and the old ideologies and the old politics. He stands at the center urging a small shift to more government because the times demand it.