Jonty is curious

And again this morning. I like this. The chap on the plinth is advertising his cellphone number on the tallest of the signs inviting one and all to text him. Some of these messages he is transcribing to his prepared placards. Well planned and executed. He is holding a message which says Jonty is curious – which sums up my response rather nicely.


Taranaki Daily News 24/7/2009: A tragic accident in Vietnam has felled one of Taranaki’s most colourful characters. Teacher Andrew Thomson, 44, died on Tuesday after being knocked from his scooter and run down by a car in the coastal Vietnamese town of Vung Tau last Sunday. Mr Thomson or “Thommo” as he was known to his many and varied friends, will be cremated at 6pm New Zealand time today.

Abbie Jury Tikorangi The Jury Garden

I don’t see many New Zealand gardeners managing this meadow genre. Our soil fertility is too high, our grasses grow too strongly and will choke out most competition, our torrential rains will flatten meadows even in summer and if the rain doesn’t do it first, then winds will. Our nitrogen levels are too high. And we tend to be a bit anally retentive and suburban, dedicated to manicured lawns and edges, let alone to glyphosate, to tolerate the casual live and let live philosophy of the meadow.

A visit to the ‘other’ French Pass

With all the discussion lately about the origins of the French Pass Road in Cambridge maybe a reference to the French Pass in the Marlborough Sounds is appropriate. It had been our long-held ambition to visit the ‘other’ French Pass from the one here in Cambridge on which we have lived for many years. And in March of this year we did just that.

French Pass is situated in the Marlborough Sounds, at the top of the South Island. To get there, we turned off SH 6 between Nelson and Blenheim at the Rai Valley sign- post. The 64 km drive to French Pass is truly spectacular. The narrow and winding road passes through dense bush and seaside settlements. It is sealed to Elaine Bay. The remaining section is unsealed, travelling through open farmland with wandering stock, cattle stops, loose metal, dust and corrugations. It is not for the faint hearted. We were however, rewarded with magnificent sea views in all directions including the French Pass itself and D’Urville Island to the North. It is a two hour journey each way.

Wondering about Waipa?

Cambridge and Leamington combined form one of two major population centres within Waipa District, the other is Te Awamutu. Here are some stats from the website. The Waipa District Council website. Waipa is one of the twelve district councils of the Waikato Regional Council or as it is more commonly known and branded Environment Waikato.

Leamington Art Group

Cosy in the Leamington Domain Band Rotunda Leamington Art Group members Brenda and Margaret paint and host visitors to their studio, today, Saturday the 11th of July 2009. Established in March this year the group meets here on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Some of the work, of the twelve members, is availabe for sale and adorns the walls – more can be found on the walls of Your Cambridge News across the river in Empire Street Cambridge. For further information ring Joyce on 07 823 3168.

What’s happening here right now?

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