Vote For Your Fav Adopt A School poster

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce initiative Adopt A School for Maadi week has been a very welcome marketing success for our town. I am not quite sure of the numbers but many if not most of the schools competing at Karapiro this week are featured in an excellent abundance of window displays and instalations around and about. Cambridge CDB has quite a festive air about it. Great.

Maadi Cup Tweets

Curley27, Motorbikegirl, _Bonjour_, deprivedonlykid Favourite :) Stroke: sits at the front and looks pretty Bow: has an amazing talent for finding floating trees, banks, other boats, etc I did a search interested to see what the take up of Twitter is among this cohort of people; um – not great. Maadi the place in Egypt isContinue reading “Maadi Cup Tweets”

James Hargest High U17/U18 quad crew

James Hargest College U17/U18 quad crew (I trust I got this right guys) outside Hot Shots To Go in Duke Street Cambridge this morning. Of interest our poster featuring among others Nathan Cohen on the podium at Karapiro with Rob Waddell and Mahé Drysdale at the 2008 NZ Rowing Championships February last year. I guess then that one of these guys is Hayden Cohen.

New Zealanders at Maadi Camp

Maadi was a lovely sight. On the banks of the Nile just south of Cairo, its wide red roads shaded by purple jacaranda and brilliant flame trees, its big airy houses basking amidst lawns and scented gardens this was elegance, this was style and comfort. This was the English community. We were headed three miles out into the desert. Media Release HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS