2008 Fish City Charity Poker Run

$6000.00 cheque for Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand

A $6000.00 cheque for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand.
From left: Rosemary McGiven (CCT), Warren Denis (CCT), Barry Young (President and CEO PCF), Jim Wright (CCT), Peter Forman (PCF) and John Galbraith (CCT).

This annual event on Lake Karapiro, run by Cambridge Charities Trust, raised some $6000.00 for Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand, today, Sunday the 23rd of November 2008.

A couple more posts and a gallery of photos from today will turn up soonish.

Update 20:35 24 November 2008: The gallery is going up. Go straight to the slideshow here. Much to add yet.

Update 08:30 25 November 2008: Done. If you want to buy the odd photo from me email me (michael@michaeljeans.co.nz) and quote the photo numbers – the gallery images are numbered 1 -110.

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Your Cambridge News

Your Cambridge News Un PC
Your Cambridge News can be contacted at 9 Empire Street, Cambridge.
On 07 827 0005 or 027 287 0005 or at yournews@xtra.co.nz.

Thanks to Mark for allowing me to publish, online, the first Un PC column which appears in today’s issue of Your Cambridge News; Friday the 21st of November 2008.

Welcome to our new editorial contributor, known only as Un PC. Its part satire, community comment, community observation, fact, tongue in check, investigatory reporting, and more! To start off, enjoy this excellent and thought provoking piece on our beloved and now decrepit National Hotel –

Mark Nogaj, Publisher.


How national is the National? Does this portend a building of sufficiency of national interest that it should be preserved as one of the country’s architectural and historical gems? Or is it – as appears to be the case currently – a sad reflection of the inability of the development industry to give back to Cambridge what it rightly expects? That the historically preserved walls (and strange colour scheme) should surround a hotel with fare, refreshment and suitable accommodation rooms for hire by the discerning traveler?
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Film and imaging

Disposable camera filmstrip
Duke Street Cambridge: Discarded throwaway camera filmstrip 18/11/2008

I began my transition to digital imaging when introduced to Pedro Meyer‘s work. A decade later I began the change from film. I bought my first digital camera in 2001. Slow and steady. I stopped using film altogether in the first half of 2005. Photography for me has always been about making images – pressing the shutter. I feel no differently about pressing the shutter in 2008 than I did in 1964. For me digital imaging is no different from film based photography. The skill set is the same. The craft – that’s a different matter.

Pedro Meyer ZoneZero

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Broadband speedtests

Download Speed: 3539 kbps (442.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 507 kbps (63.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Speedtest run at: 07:19 am, 17 Nov 2008 (Kinect | greater Leamington)

Download Speed: 942 kbps (117.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 864 kbps (108 KB/sec transfer rate)
Speedtest run at: 07:39 am, 17 Nov 2008 (Skynet | greater Leamington)

Download Speed: 3258 kbps (407.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 88 kbps (11 KB/sec transfer rate)
Speedtest run at: 10:15 am, 17 Nov 2008 (Vodaphone | Cambridge CBD)

Download Speed: 2377 kbps (297.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 83 kbps (10.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Speedtest run at: 10:30 am, 17 Nov 2008 (Telecom | Tikorangi, Taranaki)

Run your own test. Also here. Commerce Commission.

Google and me

Google and me - a bit of milestone

Somewhere is an unpublished post written earlier this year with the same title. When I find it I will link to it. Having Google index my site as I add to it – is extremely satisfying. The result of, even though I say so myself, a lot of hard work – since embarking on my Google friendly quest back in March. Now seems a fitting conclusion to a period of geekiness I have been slowly trying to discard – much as I love it – for the past couple of months. Learning HTML in the early 2000s followed by CSS, then getting my head around php and mysql & the whole LAMP thing – was fun. Somewhere I read that many blogs go through a predicable cycle of enthusiasm, reflection, then stagnation. The later two evidenced by the blogger discussing the doings of blogging more often than blogging itself. So ’nuff said.


Next door neighbour Tiger relaxing at our place

Tiger is our next door neighbour but treats our corner section as his own. At the moment he is bothering the nesting blackbirds on the Noel Street side of the house. The blackbirds for their part kick up an almighty fuss, when he is mooching about, which can be quite penetrating – a performance that occurs more that once a day at the moment. Rest assured the nest is well placed in a cat inaccessible part of a modest, but dense, camellia.

A sunny Cambridge afternoon

Blue building, Victoria Street, Cambridge NZ

Some times I cannot see an image even when it is staring me in the face. Then the light changes and here it is. It is very warm this afternoon. It has been most of the week.

BTW Cambridge Sport and Model shop, a Cambridge institution for many years is now gone. I am pretty sure a version of it was there when I was a child. A new food outlet, promised in a notice on the window of the deserted shop, is yet to appear.

Theme change

Original WordPress.com theme September - November 2008

Much as I like the old theme I take the point that you can take minimalism a bit too far. The new theme is OK, not exactly what I would prefer, but you can now navigate around the site with ease. I haven’t included a search box or archive menu but they may come shortly. And the tags and categories need editing to make them more useful.

Speight Pearce Nicoll & Davys

Queen Street, Lake Street corner

The unique entrance, built in 1954, of hardware and building supply firm SPND (home now to Australian DIYer Bunnings) looks sad and neglected today its beauty fudged by an unappealing paint job, odd cladding and neglect. I must be a bit slow but it seems Bunnings is building a new warehouse on this corner. I have no idea whether the uniqueness will survive the rebuild.

I think I have this right. SPND became TTT (Taupo Totara Timber Company) then Benchmark and now Bunnings.

Lauriston Park showhome opening

Lauriston Park site from Coleridge Street, Leamington

The vast construction site, on the most elevated point in Leamington, that is to be Lauriston Park Retirement Village held a showhome opening this weekend. All very flash – and expensive. An obvious asset to the surrounding community and economy of both Leamington and Cambridge it does suffer one minor crisis of identity. Far from being in Cambridge it is in fact located in Leamington one mighty river away from Cambridge Town Centre. I comment very briefly on the uniqueness of the Cambridge Leamington relationship here.

Road works

Laying bitumen, Shakespeare Street, Leamington, NZ

Laying aggregate, Shakespeare Street, Leamington, NZ

I have some comments to make here. Later.

Edited: 8/11/2008 21:14

Of structure v aesthetics and things that go bump in the night or why did we get a makeover when there are more pressing roading issues in need of attention?

This is purely anecdotal and I certainly don’t have any of the facts in front of me.

Shakespeare Street faired poorly during this past past winter. At one stage there were potholes galore. These have been patched. Like many streets Shakespeare has a rather patch work look and feel about it.

In my experience there are two major problems (there may well be others) in Shakespeare Street.

Lets assume that Shakespeare runs north south (which it roughtly does).

There is a structural problem immediately south of the intersection with Campbell (opposite BP). I am not sure what the problem is but it appears to involve water. Ground water or not it seems strange that this has not been addressed.

Closer to home just south of the intersection with Noel there is a fundamental design flaw in the road which has (empty) Fonterra truck and trailer units – along with others – rattling the foundations of the houses around about day and night.

Both are structural issues. So why is it that a couple of seemingly OK pieces of roading have been resealed?

Update 12:42 09/11/2008: Corrected a couple of typos.