Temporary window

Progress. Much needed. The result of an unexpected trip last night to Dukes for Men in response to a call from the security alarm call centre in Christchurch. The shop has been completely transformed in the space of a day.

Published: 16/12/2008

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Fuji Frontier 370

Moving day. The Hot Shots To Go Fuji Frontier is loaded onto the moving truck for the 300 metre, or so, trip to it’s new home in Duke Street, this Saturday morning, the 25th of October 2008. The shop swap Dukes For Men and Hot Shots To Go was well completed by 10am.

Dukes for Men

This Labour weekend sees Hot Shots To Go Victoria Street and Dukes for Men Duke Street, in the Cambridge CBD, changing places.

Raconteur, man about town, retailer, horse racing fan and all round enthusiast Malcolm McLachlan at the counter of Dukes for Men, this afternoon, Thursday the 23rd of October 2008.

About my blog

My website is a decade old this (southern) spring. It exists primarily to showcase my photography. Photography is my livelihood. I have blogged off and on since 2004 alongside other projects notably this and this. On the 21st of September 2008 I moved from a self maintained WordPress.org software site to the comfort of WordPress.com. The reason is covered briefly here, here, here and here.
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Taupo Electorate meet the candidates

Barbara Stewart, NZ First list MP answers a question from the floor at Cambridge Baptist Church, Queen Street, Cambridge, this afternoon, Sunday the 18th of October 2008.

Six political parties and one independent were represented at the meet the candidate event hosted by Cambridge Grey Power.

Present were candidates Mark Burton, Robbie Mac, Louise Upston and representing their parties Wendy Harper, John Pemberton, Barbara Stewart, and Judy Turner.

(I hope I have the above correct).

Cambridge Leamington Tornado 7:33AM

Noted 0806 hrs NZST 08/06/2010: This article / post and accompanying photographs refers to the tornado which struck Cambridge and Leamington New Zealand on 17/10/2008.

Lost roof and collapsed ceiling in Burns Street across from the Cambridge Tavern which also sustained damage.

For the record 06 11 2008 This is Jacqui Kilburn in her Burns Street home (ref. Cambridge Edition 22/10/08). I see a brand new roof on the house today.

Some thoughts at 21:49
Of an event so profound and so close to home I spent just a little over 30 minutes taking photographs. This may seem surprising given my propensity to make images day in and day out. A lot of images have been made by others and I trust these, still and moving, will be collected together in a permanent record.

Today was a busy one for me and I had to tear myself away. I am not a reporter I am documenting my time and place and the few images here are as much my experience of what occured as it is of those who allowed me to photograph them.

The tornado hit at about 3AM. When I woke at 4 I realised the power was off and it seemed very dark. I first heard about the tornado some time after 6:30 from the radio. The tornado passed by some 1.5KM away from my house.

I can’t say I didn’t want to get back out and take more photos but this was not possible.

No doubt it fell to someone to see the big picture, to coordinate what needed to be done, but it is surprisingly disconcerting even in a community of some 16,000 persons, a small town, not to be able to appreciate the full extent of what has occured.

Oh and one little niggle. I saw Leamington refered to as a suburb of Cambridge. Well, we don’t do suburbs around here – yet. Leamington is one half of Cambridge – for convenience most of us will say Leamington is a part of Cambridge – which it is – but it is also uniquely different in both history and character.

Besides there is a large river niftily seperating the two.

Edited 11:45 9/11/2008: One sentence that didn’t make sense.

Hoardings or billboards

I have always called them election hoardings. When I was discussing the quality of said constructions this morning I got a blank look. Billboards I added and was understood. I have always thought of them as hoardings. Billboards populate desert landscapes for Wile E. Coyote to hide behind in order to ambush the Road Runner. I might be making that last bit up.

Anyhow the Greens win the contemporary look award. I think I saw somewhere they had flogged the idea from another Green party somewhere else on the planet. Whatever.

Light cones

Not quite sure what I was expecting. A wit has placed some of the numerous road safety cones about the Victoria Road SH1 Queen Street roundabout on the almost as numerous up lights. Nothing new about this. Just the scale of the installation. I couldn’t get what I wanted (one might say because of a lack of conceptual focus). Methinks not so much surreal as disneyesque. This I might add is the middle of the night timestamp 12:07AM. And it was cold.

Herceptin action

Olympic rower Eric Murray and All Black Richard Kahui shave mother and daughter Karen and Jacinda May, this evening at Capelli Studio Alpha Street Cambridge to raise funds for Cambridge women battling Her2 positive breast cancer.

Donations can be made at any Westpac Bank: Suzanne & Tania Her 2 Fund Account No: 03 1568 0262139 026. All money raised will will be shared between the women.

Update 3:36PM 9/09/08 A note from Karen and Jacinda

Thanks to Eric Murray and Richard Kahui for the outstanding job they did shaving our heads and letting us keep our ears! With any fundraising event there are special people in the background: Capelli Hair Studio for your tireless work keeping us girls looking good before and on the night; Gourmet Delicious for the stunning nibbles at such short notice; Cambridge Wines for the bubbles; Kevin Burgess for juggling Richard’s schedules to be with us on the night; Michael Jeans for the amazing memories we’ll have with the incredible photos and to all those people who have donated to this fundraising event – thank you from our hearts.

Karen and Jacinda

For further information Karen May 027 245 0757 or karen@kazdezign.co.nz

Robbie Mac

Visiting us today Robbie Mac, enthusiastic and full of folksy charm, to introduce his candidacy in the general election. Robbie is standing in the Taupo Electorate as an independent candidate.

One of Robbie’s causes is support for binding citizen generated referenda.

You can contact Robbie at 6/40 Green’s Landing, Nukuhau, Taupo 3330.

Good luck Robbie.

Update 11/09/2008: The only other Taupo candidate I have managed to photograph so far is National Party candidate Louise Upston. Good luck Louise.

Cloud computing

This is something I have done – partaken of – in bits and bobs since 2004. With the move to the WordPress.com servers, Domain mapping to the same and a move from Gmail to Google Apps – BTW looks and acts the same – I seem to be right in the middle of it.

The trick is a work flow that suits each step and learning to admit defeat, quickly, when the next bright shiny idea/widget doesn’t gel. Give and take is the saying.

Cloud computing a Wikipedia explanation. And Stephen Fry, yes that Stephen Fry, weighs in. I don’t understand the terms and conditions on Stephen’s blog so here we have a cut and paste instead of the usual live link.