eDay 2008

Remember it is eDay this weekend. The perfect time to rid yourself of unwanted computer gear in a useful way. Waikato eDay is Sunday the 5th of October between 9am – 3pm. The Hamilton dropoff is Mainfreight in Foreman Road. eDay details are at eday.org.nz.

Vanessa Mohi-Goodchild is the Hamilton/Waikato contact.

021 110 0226 or Vanessa@wainet.org

Normal service will resume

I have moved servers. Not quite in the sequence I had planned. Everything from the old server will be moved across as time allows.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

To contact me use michael@michaeljeans.co.nz.

If that doesn’t work try michaeljeans@gmail.com which will.

(Sorry, cut and paste).

My telphone number is 027 496 3803.

Web hosting

As regular visitors may be aware my site crashed about ten days ago. This experience has had me rethinking my hosting options. I have decided to make a move. This will probably take two to three weeks to research, plan and carry out.

In the meantime I am not going to publish any new posts. I will resume after the change over.

When I have a beta version of the new site running I will direct you to it as it will feature some new stuff. Both sites will combine at the change over.

My web address will not change.

If you wish to email me please use my backup email address michaeljeans*AT*gmail.com as my main email may suffer some outages along the way.

Note: If you are looking for photos of the start of the Cambridge Hamilton Kayak and Cruise (14/09/08) please email me.

Maungatautari Ecological Island

The Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust held an open day today, Sunday the 7th of September 2008, to celebrate Conservation Week 2008 and the unveiling of directional and interpretive signage sponsored by power generation company Mighty River Power.

Visitors admire new signage at the MEIT southern enclosure at Pukeatua.

David Wallace Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust Chair of Trustees with Mighty River Power representatives.

David Wallace chatting with Dad.
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Anzac Street

From earliest times I have loved, when viewing photographs, the ability they hold to transport me in time and place. By their very nature, once made, photographs are ‘historic artefacts’. I love street scenes. I love ordinariness. I love photographs taken years ago of places I know well. I am a documentary photographer. I photograph for my own pleasure but with the added pleasure of knowing that in the future a sense of time and place is preserved in my image making for others to enjoy. Continue reading

Google Chrome

I like it. It is simple to use. The new tab/most visited site/browser history thing is great. It doesn’t have any fancy functionality. Very basic. No FTP, no web developer stuff which I use daily with Firefox. The navigation/address bar doubles as the search engine. Apparently it shares a common heritage with Safari. You can read the fors and againsts here. ReadWriteWeb is always worth a visit if you are interested in such things. You can download Google Chrome here.

The Williams line

The following is an extract from Generations of Genes by Phyllis Jeans 2000 ISBN 0 473 03868 4 (page 128 The Williams Line)

Albert George Williams and Minnie Dora Harwood

Parents of Evelyn Margaret Williams

Minnie Dora Harwood was the fourth daughter of Elizabeth and John Harwood. Born at Little River, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand on 5 May 1880 she was baptised in the newly built Anglican church on July 25, when she was nearly three months old. Minnie was the tenth born and eighth surviving child of the family and another eight children were born in the next thirteen years. Minnie’s childhood was in a household of many children with the resultant work, worry and turmoil. The Harwood home would always have been busy and boisterous with chores for everyone. On 27 March 1889, August, the second youngest of this large family was born. Minnie, almost nine when he was born, was to have a special affinity with this younger brother. By the time she was fourteen years old, Minnie had experienced the deaths of five brothers. These deaths are recorded in her parent’s story.

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NBO hassles

This outfit cold called us last week. They featured on one of the six o’clock news shows this evening (sorry not sure which as I tend to flick backwards and forwards depending on the story). Not sure if we were singled out but it took us two days to shake them off. See here. And here – this later thread is from 2005. This from the same site is a bit techie. And this.

The two most popular business search portals in NZ are Yellow and Finda (not sure of their relative market positions – I am sure Yellow is significantly larger). If you can’t find what you are looking for with Google (English or Te Reo versions), Finda or Yellow it probably doesn’t exist.

If you are wanting to be found look into these three first. I wonder how Limelight is getting on. There are any number of smaller industry or area specific lists which may be useful.

Not sure how relevant this is. No search engines or directories.

Edited 14/11/2008: Spelling!


As noted elsewhere viewing the ‘lighbox’ gallery can be a bit of a problem with Internet Explorer. This is what should happen. In the screenshot above the cursor arrow sits on the first thumbnail (you can choose any thumbnail). Clicking on the thumbnail results in the full sized image appearing above the page (as below). To activate the built in slideshow click on the right hand icon down on the left under the large image. Alternatively you can click through the images one by one – there are back and forward buttons beside the slideshow icon and on each side of the large image itself – run your mouse about until you find them. With Firefox and Safari this works fine even on fairly slow dialup as long as you wait for the thumbnails to load before trying to view the large versions. If you have any queries email me michael@michaeljeans.co.nz. Full coverage of the parade on Friday (29/08/08) can be viewed at Hot Shots To Go, 64a Victoria Street, Cambridge. Just pop in and ask.

Note 04/10/08 This advice is for the pre September 2008 website and currently redundant. I have yet to sort out inserting thumbnail galleries into the new regime.