William Francis Buckland

In an opinion piece in this week’s Cambridge Edition Cambridge Chamber of Commerce invokes the legacy of two gentlemen who played formative roles in the establishment of our town. Our first New Zealand born mayor William Francis Buckland. You can study up on Mayor Buckland’s contribution to our town during his two terms as Cambridge mayor, at the beginning of the 20th Century, on the Cambridge Museum website. And of prime importance surveyor Charles Heaphy‘s (Bio) design for the town which gives enjoyment to residents and visitors to this day. Reflecting on the work of these two men among others, it is suggested, gives sustenance to those planning for the future. I agree.

Edited: 09:33 12/7/2008

Friday in Cambridge

The following posts are the result of a fascinating few hours, today, which resulted from a perfectly innocent enquiry of Monsignor David Bennett at St Peter’s first thing this morning. ‘When is the mass for the World Youth Day pilgrims being held?’ As I am recording happenings in and about Cambridge with some enthusiasm at the moment (not quite sure how long it will last) this seemed a great photo op. As you see it became something just a little more. Thanks especially to Father Bennett and Rev. Andrew Hedge from St Andrew’s and to everyone else who lent me a hand. There were plenty of cameras and the press was present. This is my take. Any omissions and inaccuracies are mine.

BTW I am listening to the Robert Plant Alison Krauss Raising Sand CD as I put these these posts together; perfect for the job. Oh, but first – Motty.