Film and imaging

Disposable camera filmstrip
Duke Street Cambridge: Discarded throwaway camera filmstrip 18/11/2008

I began my transition to digital imaging when introduced to Pedro Meyer‘s work. A decade later I began the change from film. I bought my first digital camera in 2001. Slow and steady. I stopped using film altogether in the first half of 2005. Photography for me has always been about making images – pressing the shutter. I feel no differently about pressing the shutter in 2008 than I did in 1964. For me digital imaging is no different from film based photography. The skill set is the same. The craft – that’s a different matter.

Pedro Meyer ZoneZero

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Photography as metaphor

Photography as metaphor

Photography as metaphor and symbol, analogy, Digital negatives, The Digital Darkroom, Make your own church sign, The Digital Photography School blog, Photoshop CS4, mixed metaphors, worry, puns.

GRINZ goes contemporary

GRINZ (GROUP OF REMARKABLE IMAGEMAKERS OF NEW ZEALAND) the New Zealand photography newsletter published weekly – on Sunday evening – has had a make over. The Wellington based, nine year old, web newsletter publication now sports a pleasing contemporary look. To subscribe go to GRINZ. It’s that easy.