Generations of Genes Phyllis Jeans iv ISBN 0 473 03868 4

Generations of Genes Copyright © Phyllis Jeans 2000
All rights reserved ISBN 0 473 03868 4
PEMM Publishing Cambridge, New Zealand



My grateful thanks to everyone who has helped me, through many years of research, and the interminable time it has taken me to actually produce this book. My thanks to the many archivists, curators and librarians, and to all ‘keeper of records’ who have helped me with my innumerable queries and requests. I did not always find what I was seeking, but time and expertise was willingly shared wherever I searched, whether it was in person or by correspondence.

Newspaper files have added interesting sidelights on some of the ancestors; my thanks to Cambridge Historical Society for access to the Waikato Independent (Cambridge Museum) Eltham Historical Society for the Eltham Argus, Hamilton Public Library for the Waikato Times, and the newspaper room at Alexander Turnbull Library for a great variety of old newspapers, both original copies and on microfilm. Official Registry Offices in England, the Australian states of Victoria and Tasmania, and New Zealand, have enabled me to follow the paper trail from one ancestor to another. I have been able to search parish registers and church records, wills and other documents in various County Record Offices in England. National Archives (the memory of the nation) in Auckland and Wellington, have yielded much of interest and sometimes, surprises.

The Family History Centre at Templeview, near Hamilton has been invaluable, with microfilms of original records available for a modest fee. From Land Information New Zealand (formerly Lands and Deeds and Lands and Survey) in Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Wellington and Christchurch, Land Grants and land dealings have been verified.

Over a period of thirty years of research, hundreds of books have been read, some thoroughly, others skimmed once-through-lightly, and all indexes checked, sometimes for a chapter, a page or even just a paragraph. It would be impractical to list the many books that have helped me in my understanding of genealogy, history, and other subjects relative to my project. I have chosen not to use reference numbers in an academic way, with sources listed at the end of a chapter, or at the end of the book. Where needed, the source of information is given when a statement is made.

Thank-you to Eris Parker who read both an early and an almost final draft of these stories and gave positive encouragement.

My thanks to my family, who have lived for years with my rather obsessive hobby. Their tolerance is appreciated. And an extra thank-you to Michael who has guided me in the ways of computers, and rescued me from the inevitable glitches I have encountered.

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